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The Great Restart

So while we don't have all the details to hand right now..... We can confirm that (subject to restrictions) we will be swinging open the garden gate at 12pm on April 12th come rain or shine.

This Spring / Summer we are truly going to go all out to make this the best summer ever. Think Garden parties, a cracking new menu, Live Music, The European cup, Craft Beer festivals, Gin tastings and a whole lot more that you would need several very large sticks to shake at.

Obviously, the detail will take some time to come through as we can not pin anything down until we have a little more certainty. But a promise from us to you, we will do everything we can to ensure you have a ball.

We are now taking bookings from Monday 12th April for outside only and you can book here

Bookings will only be valid once confirmed as we have limited space.

Weather: We will be putting our festival tent back up once we approach opening to defend us from any potential rain. We will also have the front benches out to the front of the pub. Do bring a coat though as we all know what the great British weather can be like :)

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