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How we came to be here

We first visited the Albert pub in September 2019 for a sneaky viewing following extensive searching of the internet & many viewings of other pubs.

The Albert seemed to have been intermittently closed over the previous weeks proceeding our visit and we were greeted with a closed up pub on our arrival. Undeterred we took a walk around town and visited various watering holes to try to get a feel for the town.

We were delighted with the character of the town and the community feel as we walked around & thought it best to give the Albert another look on the coming weekend.

We duly took the train to Hitchin on the Saturday & we were in luck as the pub was open.

We were greeted with a pub full of character (There was a jazz event on) and although the decor had seen much better days, we fell in love with the pub and the potential that we saw to draw on our experience to make it a thriving heart of the community.

Following the opening of our pub The Golden Lion in Camden in 2018 and the success we saw from maintaining the traditional atmosphere while adding all the trappings of a modern pub (Craft beer, extensive gin list, thoughtful wine menu, a fresh food menu) we see The Albert as a perfect bedfellow for "our type of pub".

So here is what you can expect from us: A family pub and dining room with friendly staff, well kept ale, great food, craft beers, a classical Sunday roast & varied entertainment worth visiting for.

We look forward to meeting you all soon! Aaron & Trevor

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Good luck to you guys, I hope you make a go of it - preferably without making it too 'designer'. The long-standing landlord who left some years ago had some wonderful stuff on the walls such as a Trumans price list from, I'd guess, the 1950s, which all disappeared when it was 'tidied up' afterwards. It might be worth trying to get in touch with him if he's still alive to see if he still has any of it. Unfortunately I was not a regular but someone may have contact details.

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